White Bathroom Vanity

A white bathroom vanity is perfect for any bathroom decor. One of the most perfect things about having everything white is that it gives you a blank slate to work from. By having a white bathroom cabinet, a white bathroom sink and a white bathroom vanity, you can add any color of back splash and  paint color to make this room unique. In addition, you could add any color towels or rugs as well. These colors can make the room beautiful with your own style and taste and you could switch it around as often as you like without having to change the sink and cabinets.

white bathroom vanityHowever, if you do feel as though you need to change out the white bathroom vanity for something more exciting later, there are many other options available. By installing modern bathroom vanities, you will have a look that is crisp and clean and will look really great. Just be careful that you don’t install a modern bathroom vanity that is so modern that you’ll end up hating it in a few years. You want something new without going over the top. If you should ever have to sell your home, you don’t want to have the bathroom as the downfall of the home.

On the other hand, you could opt for an antique white bathroom vanity. Many people love this old fashioned and vintage look. An antique bathroom vanity will be a real talking point but they can be difficult to find and may require more upkeep than you are willing to provide. So give it some serious thought before you start to look for an antique white bathroom vanity.

If you have the space, everyone loves a white double bathroom vanity. Once you have your own sink, it’s difficult to go back to sharing the sink and counter space in the bathroom. By installing a white double bathroom vanity, you will have space and a look of luxury. The white color will also be a nice backdrop for you to add color with towels, cups, toothbrush holders and things of that nature.

Be careful if you decide to purchase discount bathroom vanities. While it’s always nice to save some money, you don’t want to have to replace the vanity within the next 5 or 6 years.  If you are looking at a cheap white bathroom vanity that is good quality but available on sale then that is a bargain. If it is cheap because it is poorly made then that is not the kind of discount you want. If you purchase quality right from the start, you will have a bathroom that will last as long as your mortgage.

By buying and installing a white bathroom vanity, you won’t be disappointed. Your bathroom will always look clean, a white bathroom vanity will require very little maintenance while always looking fabulous. If you feel like you need some color you can add balance colors with towels or bathroom rugs.

Purchasing your white bathroom vanity online is a great way to shop, especially if you are looking to buy a white double bathroom vanity just click on the deal of the day link on the right and you will see some of todays bargains. Most people in America don’t own a vehicle that would be large enough to carry home a huge box with a vanity or a bathroom sink. By buying the white bathroom vanity you want online, it will get shipped directly to your doorstep, sure you will have to wait couple of days but that is a minor thing.

There is no need to figure out how to fit the vanity in your car without breaking it. Another great reason is that you can buy exactly what you want. It’s easy to shop many different stores in very little time. If you want modern bathrom vanities or an antique white bathroom vanity, you can find it easily. Nothing could be more simple.

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This large 72 inch bathroom vanity comes with 2 sinks and multiple storage compartments in a cherry wood or white finish.

Product Features

• Finished in Antique Cherry
• Made of Wood, Ceramic and Stone
• 5 Functional Drawers
• Belongs to Traditional Collection
More Info On This 72 Inch Bathroom Vanity…

Bathroom Vanities

72 inch bathroom vanity

72 Inch Bathroom Vanity

The style, size and shape of your bathroom vanity can play a big factor in space management and decor styling. Although contemporary designs are very popular, a lot of people will opt for a standard design with a stylish finish. A standard bathroom vanity will usually have a wood body, with a stone countertop and porcelain basin and contemporary often have a dark espresso wood finish with silver faucets and large mirrors. As vanities have a lot more storage space than a standard sink basin, they are ideal for storing toiletries, linens, towels and hair products.

72 Inch Bathroom Vanity Also Available In White

Bathroom vanities start around 24 inches to 36 inches in countertop size. If you have limited space in your bathroom, say an apartment, this size vanity is probably going to be your best size. Although wider than a standard sink, these bathroom vanities do have some counter space, but their substantial benefit is the storage beneath the sink. On the other hand, a conventional bathroom vanity may occupy a corner of a small bathroom and a contemporary one, with separate cabinets, may be arranged inside the exact same space to your liking.

Larger sizes, up to a 72 inch bathroom vanity, will generally have a double sink design, although some large varieties can also come with a single sink too, providing very large counter and storage space. These are very useful in commercial outlets, such as salons. For a large family with a large bathroom that needs to economise on bathroom space, a 72 inch bathroom vanity not only gives you storage space but also the capability of having two people using the bathroom sinks at once.

72 Inch Bathroom Vanity

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Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

The best and most popular bathroom vanity mirrors will usually come wall mounted, as this keeps them secure, stylish, functional and easy to clean. They can be simple and practical in design, or as many people prefer, they can be a little more decorative to match their bathroom vanity units and even fitted with lighting too. Bathrooms can usually be the most enclosed and private rooms in the house, also making them the darkest, so mirror and bathroom lighting is also an important, major factor when it comes to bathroom design.

bathroom vanity mirrorsBathroom vanity mirrors come in many shapes, designs and colors, such as round, rectangular, square, oval, white, chrome, cast iron, brown or wooden which are either wall mounted, swivel (with a moveable bracket arm) or in the more antique designs could even be fixed to the vanity unit itself. There is no real difference between a bedroom, bathroom or hallway mirror, the only thing that would really distinguish a bathroom mirror from any other in the house is that some people like to pay that little bit extra to ensure that it is heated to prevent it steaming up.

The type of mirror that you choose to go with your bathroom vanity unit can become quite the statement piece and focal point of your bathroom so you should select one that displays your sense of style and compliments the other furnishings within the bathroom, with a tasteful balance between reflection, light and color. There’ll certainly be no more fighting for bathroom space in the morning once you have a large, wall mounted vanity mirror fitted.

White bathroom vanity units are popular in bathrooms as not only do they stand the test of time but it’s an adaptable and accessorizable color that is accommodating to most people’s tastes. Selling your house later down the line with a pink or green vanity unit (be it that it was your favorite color at the time) might not become the house’s greatest feature in around 5 years time. Many bathroom vanity mirrors also come in white, giving you a wide range of choice and design, from modern contemporary to vintage and antique, to suit all manner of spending budgets.

One of the easiest ways to find great deals and bargains on bathroom vanity mirrors is to shop online. A lot of people prefer to go bargain hunting around the shops as they prefer to see the look and feel of an item before parting with their hard earned cash. This is understandable, however, with mirrors, being that they have no moving parts and no physical function, the most important thing simply comes down to the dimension, color, material that it is made from, and of course, the price. So make sure that you don’t miss out on any ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ deals!

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Discount Bathroom Vanities

If you are building or remodeling your home, you know how expensive it can be to purchase items for a bathroom. For a bathroom, you are looking at the prices of flooring, paint, tubs, showers, towel rails, faucets and the list goes on and on. When you consider how all these items add up it’s no wonder that so many people look to purchase discount bathroom vanities.

When shopping for a discount bathroom vanity, you do run the risk of getting something that’s of poor quality and won’t last very long. Stop thinking about discount bathroom vanities and start to think of bathroom vanities at a discounted price. By all means shop at your local Home Depot or Lowes but try and not be sucked into the high priced vanities straight away. The big box stores often have discount bathroom vanities on display on end caps at the end of seasons. My wife took photos of the ones she liked and wrote down model numbers then just checked in every week or so.

Shopping For Discount Bathroom Vanities
discount bathroom vanitiesDo not just buy based on price, you will be looking at this vanity every day so it has to look right. Buying discount bathroom vanities that are not in the style you really want is false economy. When you are reading the specifications of the vanity, just make sure you know exactly what you’re buying. If it says wood laminate, don’t expect the wood to last as long as solid wood. Open the box and look at it, if the cabinet doors are thin, then you shouldn’t expect them to be as heavy duty as something 1/2″ thick.

Of course you also need to think about how much use the vanity unit will be getting. If it is in the guest room that only gets used for two weeks a year then the cheapest of discount bathroom vanities may well be the perfect thing for you.

Searching for clearance bathroom vanities will get you some high quality cabinets that aren’t cheaply made, but the company just needs to get rid of them. This is a great way to buy these expensive pieces for your bathroom such as discount bathroom cabinets. Discount bathroom vanities give the impression of being cheap bathroom vanities, while clearance bathroom vanities let the buyer know that the workmanship is good, but the pattern or style is just on its way out. If you buy wholesale bathroom vanities, then you will be getting a top rate bathroom vanity, but at a lower price such as a price given to contractors or decorators. You won’t get the huge markup if you buy an item wholesale.

By allowing yourself lots of time, you can search the internet as well as local home improvement stores for discount bathroom vanities as well as bathroom vanities on clearance. Patience is important when shopping for a vanity, cabinet, or any other piece for your home. Be prepared to pounce on a deal when you see it. If you find clearance bathroom vanities, the chances are likely that they won’t be around for long. The better the deal, the faster they will be sold. If you have to, you could buy the item and have it held for you until you can find a way to transport the vanity home. Internet stores aren’t as nice. When you see the deal, you must purchase it right away and then figure out what to do with the vanity after its arrival at your house.

If you buy online, at least you don’t have to hassle with lifting the box into your car and the possible damage in route. It is possible to find cheap bathroom vanities without sacrificing quality. Just make sure you read the sales page clearly and inspect all discount bathroom cabinets upon arrival. Most companies are eager to please and will return the product easily. It’s not always true, but you get what you pay for. Just keep your eyes open for clearance bathroom vanities and you are sure to get a bargain price for a gorgeous bathroom vanity.

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Modern Bathroom Vanities

As the economy has tanked and people are not able to sell their homes so easily it makes sense to fix all the things that you do not like in your home. Far too many homes have old bathrooms, they are often in a style that your mum would be happy with. You do not have to suffer with that old wooden vanity anymore, modern bathroom vanities are a thing of beauty and are easy to purchase and install.

There is a huge difference in bathroom design between now and even ten years ago. The old bathroom vanity was really just a place to hold the sink and maybe some spare toilet roll and towels. Modern contemporary bathroom vanitybathroom vanities are a thing of beauty. This is partly due to the huge changes in the way bathroom faucets and sinks look. As they have become more modern the vanity which holds them have had to be updated so they look just as good.

If your whole home is designed using the latest design principles then it makes sense that you use modern bathroom design parameters. No one wants a guest to use their bathroom and wonder if they have been transported back to the bathroom that time forgot. Modern Bathroom vanities can be very open affiars, with lots of glass. The benefit of this is that the space they are in looks very open, the downside is that someone has to keep all that glass clean.

Update and Reuse
Contemporary bathroom vanities can be based on a older style vanity that you add some new features to. You could take a old dark vanity and remove the doors, add some glass doors and a low power light inside, or remove the sink and add a glass sink that sits ontop of the vanity. You can buy all the parts for modern bathroom vanities from your local Home Depot, Lowes or even Walmart . This is a good way to save some money and reuse items that would otherwise be thrown away.

No Limits
There are small modern bathroom vanities and modern bathroom double vanities that you can buy ready to install or even in kits. Obviously the more work you do yourself the less you will have to spend. When people look for discount bathroom vanities they often go to discount stores but they are missing out on some of the deals that could be had when you buy the vanity parts seperately.

Looks Matter
No one wants to replace their bathroom every few years so make sure that you get the look you want and one that will last the test of time. There are some beautiful white bathroom vanities available which when paired with a heavy frosted glass sink and a high tec faucet will always look classy. Do not try and save money on the things that you will look at everytime you go to the bathroom. There is nothing worse than having a shower or sitting on the toilet and looking at your bathroom suite and wishing you had spent a bit more money or bought one of the modern bathroom vanities that you looked at but didn’t buy.

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